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, looking like mid-summer. 31 expected in los angeles. 27 in seattle. out toward the east, 31 atlanta. and 29 in washington, d.c. finally, let's go over to europe. mostly wet and windy across the northwestern corner of europe. this is remnants of tropical storm leslie which made landfall in atlantic canada yesterday. it will move towards northern british isles as well as norway the next 24 hours. down toward the south we've got a more potent storm affecting italy. thunderstorms, gusty winds and even hail are possible into tomorrow. temperatures are looking like this. berlin cooling down to 17 degrees. and vienna only 12 degrees expected. still on the hot side in lisbon, 33 expected on your thursday. that's it for me now. here's your extended forecast. >>> that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
drop near or below freezing overnight. out toward the west very hot for this time of year. los angeles getting up to 36 degrees and to the north 25 in seattle and 20 degrees expected in vancouver on your friday. that's it for me now. here is your extended forecast around the dploeb. >>> our lead stories this hour, the japanese coast guard says six chinese ships entered japanese waters friday morning near islands in the east china sea. four of themremain in the area around the senkaku islands. they entered the area around 6:20 a.m. japan time. they passed about 22 kilometers off the senkakus. they said they are contacting a regular patrol. the crew reportedly said the islands have been chinese territory. this is the first time since july that chinese government vesselhave intruded into japanese waters. some of the groups members landed on one of the senkakus. >>> the u.s. federal reserve has stepped in again to try to stimulate the economy. the central bankers will attempt to get more money circulating through a tool called quantitative easing. the fed will buy $40 billion of mortgage d
in portland, oregon. still hot, 31 in los angeles. all right. headed into europe, we have storms here targeting the alpine region in italy headed to the balkan peninsula bringing the potential for hail, damaging winds and thunderstorms. as it heads in towards nohweste russia it will be showers rather than the severe storms. much of western and central europe will be seeing a nice dry autumnal day. there are showers through the british isles. a steady stream of moisture looks like it will come over the next 24 to 48 hours across denmark, germany and scandinavia. looking at seasonal temperatures though. mid teens across a wide spectrum. further to the south in athens, 31. 29 in madrid and lisbon. you will get another blast of summer. we're ei lbon heating up to 34 degrees by sunday. here's your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
: the film that heed spark the violce in the midd eat. atomesrom recca keegan of the "los angeles times." rebecca, there's been a lot of mystery to many aspects of this. what's the latest on who made this film and with what motives? sfrnlts well, we know person who posted this movie on youtube on the name sam bacil goes by... has a checkered legal and financial past and is associated with coptic christian groups in the u.s. that have been involved in anti-islam activities. we also know the actors and the people who appeared in it had no idea what they were getting themselves into. >> brown: for anybody who's seen it, it's an extremely amateurish film, right? is it clear what it was aimed at who are or what kind of audience? >> well, it seems clear now that the film was designed to provoke a strong reaction among muslims so the people who were tasked in the film, many of them responded to places like craigslist and casting web sites for a movie called desert warrior which was posted in an adventure film. ey say tirialue w dubbed, they didn't deliver many of the movie's most inflammatory
of difficult negotiations. in los angeles, the union and school district officials are w in talks over how to imlement a n teacher evaluation system. for for the record, we invited mayor emanuel to appear on the program and roy roamer who served as superintendent of los angeles unified school district twr 2001 to 2006 and before that as governor of colorado. he's currently senior advisor to the college board. randi weingarter, i want to start with you. when you look at the chicago strike -- and i know you're out there now in chicago -- what are the one or two more most important issues that you find resonating at the national level that affect teachers everywhere. >> it's really about saving the heart and soul of public education for all kids who need public education. and when you're on the streets talking to teachers, they are determined to have the tools they need to help kids and for kids to have the resources they need to succeed. and what struck me -- no pun intended -- was how resolute teachers are and para-professionals are about "this is a fight to ensure their kids, their communi
security for the "los angeles times." >> ken, welcome to the program. so what's behind this decision on eric holder's part. >> well, a lot about this remains secret. this is a secret instigation a classified operation. but what we know is that the justice department is saying they just couldn't make a case here, they're not say nothing crime was committed. and the other thing that it's important to understand about this is that these cases were not part of the enhanced interrogation technique program that the cia carried out. that conduct had already been investigated, no charges were filed. and holder had decided he wasn't going to hold anyone accountable for things they did pursuant to justice department legal opinion. so these were two cases in war zones where the allegations were the conduct exceeded theoundies whatas permisble. >> even under those harsh interrogation techniques about which we heard and debated so much back when they came to light. so when he said the evidence wasn't admissible or there wasn't enough admissible evidence to sustain a conviction, what does he mean
in los angeles. diane eastabrook, "n.b.r.," chicago. >> susie: new estimates are in, >> susie: new estimates are in, and it looks like this year's holiday selling season will be the strongest for retailers since the great recession took hold. shoppertrek sees overall sales rising 3.3%, it bases those numbers on visits to more than 50,000 stores. >> tom: the major stock indices inches higher as investors and traders wait for the federal reserve's announcement tomorrow if it will do anything more to help the economy. the session for the s&p 500 illustrates the back and forth, with prices dipping mid-morning, and late afternoon, before closing with a small gain. it continues hovering around its post-recession high. volume grew slightly. 661 million shares on the big board. 1.7 billion on the nasdaq. not a lot of volatility among the major stock sectors. with the iphone five debt, the telecom services sector was the biggest gainer, up 0.7%. consumer staples was in the biggest loser, down 0.7%. energy drink company monster beverage was the biggest loser in the s&p 500. the firm has come
. here in the u.s., the coptic bishop of los angeles joined leading muslim representatives in denouncing the film and the violent response. they said copts and muslims must stand together against extremists in either religion. and in an effort to reach muslim protesters abroad, u.s. muslim groups released videos in arabic and urdu appealing for calm and restraint. >>> in other news, on capitol hill, senator dick durbin convened a hearing on hate crimes, in response to the mass shooting last month at a sikh temple in wisconsin. among those who testified was a young sikh man whose mother was killed in the attack. he urged the government to begin tracking hate crimes against sikhs, as it does for other religions. >> an attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us. >>> meanwhile, in ohio, 16 amish men and women, part of a breakaway group, were found guilty of hate crimes for cutting the hair and beards of members of their former community. the actions were considered a hate crime because hair holds religious significance for the amish. >>> in rome this week, a harvard professor released ne
for him, then abramoff was fine. >> abramoff had gone home to los angeles, but returned to washington to work for a prominent firm, which announced his hiring by touting the lobbyist's ties to the republican national committee, the new leaders of the house, newt gingrich and tom delay, and the christian coalition now headed by his buddy ralph reed. but no one was more indispensable to abramoff than norquist. >> if it wasn't for his relation with grover norquist, jack abramoff would never have been able to become the super lobbyist that he came. and to charge the huge rates that hecharged because he had this unique relationship with certain reblic lears. >> the hefty fees would enrich abramoff, who in turn would direct his clients to enrich the right-wing's political machine. one of those clients was the wealthiest gambling tribe in america, the mississippi choctaw. to keep their huge casino earnings from being taxed, the tribe needed help in washington. so abramoff turned to norquist, who had just what the tribe was looking for dtributi-- an organ dedicated to opposing all tax increas
with the mayor of los angeles antonio villaraigosa, the chairman of the democratic national convention and co-chair of president obama's re-election campaign. i'm pleased to have him on this program again. >> it's great to be on the show with you, again. so if the republicans felt that their mission was to define mitt romney, and somehow give th story of why people who voted for president obama in 2008 should vote now for governor romney if that was their mission, what is the democrat's mission? >> i think our mission is to tell the story that we're better off today than when president obama was elected. we're better off because as you remember, we lost 800,000 jobs the month before he got sworn in. they lost 3.5 million jobs, six mons inginto tha he's had 29 consecutive months of a growing private sector job creation, about four and a half million jobs. we're better off today because he said he would get us out of the war in iraq and he has. he's beginning to the withdrawal from afghanistan. we're better off today because 32 million people have health care that didn't have it before. we're b
. >> the path we offer may be harder, but it los angeles to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. i'm asking you to rally around a set of goals for your country, goals in manufacturing, energy, education, nationalecurity, and the deficit. real achievable plans that will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation. that's what we can do in the next four years, and that is why i am running for a second term as president of the united states. ( cheers and applause ) >> brown: the president was, of course, speaking both to loyal democrats in the hall, and to those voters around the country who haven't yet made up their minds, especially those in battleground states. one of those states is virginia, which the latest election polls show remains a tossup. traditionally red, it turned blue, voting for president obama in 2008 with a big boost from northern virginians. margaret warner sat down with six undecided voters there after watching the president's address. >> warner: this same group sat down with ray suarez raft week to assess g
parker and antonio villaraigosa, mayor of los angeles and convention chair. thank you all for being with us. >> glad to be here. >> great to be here. >> woodruff: i do want to ask you about city issues but mayor villaraigosa what happened at the very beginning of this convention earlier this evening when you galved it to order and tried to add language in the platform about voice vote that would recognize jerusalem as capital of israel. you had to take the vote three times because the "nos" were almost as loud as the "yas." >> actually, the first time i knew we had a majority. the second time i was pretty sure, by the third time i was absolutely sure. that's what i oh, pined. you have 10 minutes to object. and nobody did. >> woodruff: but what was that all about? i mean the party has already been refugee criticism about taking that language out of the platform this year. >> i'll tea you what it was about. we have a president who expects the platform to reflect his values and his sentiments. and he made it clear that he wanted that language back in it it, and that's what whatwe did.
moved to get his campaign back on track today. first up, a trip to los angeles to speak to a hispanic business group. >> many hispanics have sacrificed greatly to help build our country and our economy. and to leave for their children a brighter future. today those sacrifices are being put at risk by a president who just can't stop spending. >> ifill: romney campaign officials said their candidate plans to reinforce his message by offering specifics that will show he is the better choice. nationally, the race remains close. but the president has recently gained an edge in key battle ground states. he campaigned today in ohio where the most recent poll has him ahead by seven points. >> hello, cincinatti! ifill: the president used the lever of incumbency to launch a two-pronged attack today, chastising china for subsizing its auto industry. >> these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. >> ifill: and using his campaign platform to accuse romney of being soft on trade to china. >> i understand my opponent
. the los angeles democrat had faced allegations she sought $12 million in federal bailout money for united-one, a bank her husband owns stock in. but the committee's outside counsel, billy martin, found waters believed she was acting on behalf of all minority-owned banks. >> we recommended to this committee in a written report that covers almost 150 pages that the evidence on the record does not support a knowing violation of ethics rules or any other standard of conduct with respect to representative max even waters-- maxine waters by a clear and convincing standard. >> holman: the report did raise questions about actions by waters' grandson and chief of staff, mikael moore. moore has denied any wrongdoing, but he may receive a letter of reproval from the ethics committee. general motors is recalling nearly 500,000 cars to fix a transmission problem-- they can remain in gear and roll away, even though they appear to be in "park." the recalled vehicles are the chevy malibu, pontiac g-6, and saturn aura from model years 2007 through 2010. all have four-speed automatic transmissions. g.m. sa
of the film compares the way that two big medical centers, the u.c.l.a. system in los angeles and the intermountain system in utah, approach treatments and testing. here's a short excerpt, looking at the question of when a cat scan may be necessary or not. >> the spine. excellent. you can see here are the c.t. images and this is a person's brain who is 24 years old. >> reporter: if someone is worried about the possibility that he's sustained an important injury to his head, the only way to know for sure is to do a cat scan. seems reasonable. and then it comes out normal, we all feel better. it sounds like that's a go deal but it's not a good deal actually for anybody and most particularly not for that patient. why is that? well, there are many many reasons. one is that most of the time, almost always, i can tell clinically whether he has an important head injury. the right test is usually put in the eyes of an experienced physician on a patient. >> we would call this normal. we're going to give his head a clean bill of health. >> reporter: the cat scan itself is is not benign.
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)